From the Loony Bin


Kerry and France’s Hollande: “You’ve Got a Friend” appears to be an understatement.

Bud’s Round-up of Weekend Drivel:

  • Uncapping the Swiss franc wipes out Everest Capital’s largest hedge fund. (Bloomberg)
  • He’s got no inside game:  Steven A. Cohen passes on buying the Brooklyn Nets. (Bloomberg)
  • Poof…they’re gone:  50,000 Wall Street jobs disappear.  (New York Post)
  • Not a huge surprise:  Obama’s State of the Union will call for more taxes on wealthy.  (Bloomberg)
  • Not the Islamic State…the Pathetic State of the US military training effort in Iraq.  (Washington Post)
  • Caught in a tramp trap, basketball analyst Greg Anthony suspended by CBS and Turner.  (ESPN)
  • Early Super Bowl XLIX (not IL) line:  pick ’em (Las Vegas Sun)
  • “Do you know who my father is?”  Mario Gabelli’s son tossed from NYC steakhouse.  (New York Post)
  • Deflated balls:  Yes, that’s the charge.  NFL probes Patriots’ footballs.  (
  • Max Scherzer inks seven-year deal with Nationals.  (Forbes)
  • Bullish Herbalife (ticker HLF) analyst cuts her 2015 estimate by 28%.  (Yahoo Finance)

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