From the Loony Bin: Angela and Barry Share a Moment, Etc…

Merkel and Obama

At the G7 summit meeting in Bavaria, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says to President Obama, “I knew I’d find you here. My God, man, what do you do all day?” (Photo: Michael Kappeler/AFP – Getty Images)

Bud’s Round-Up of Daily Drivel:

  • Tweet no more: Twitter CEO Costolo is done July 1.  (NBC)
  • No worries, take your time…Obama: “We don’t yet have a complete strategy” against ISIS.  (The Hill)
  • It was easier playing Cassandra: Meredith Whitney closes her hedge fund.  (MarketWatch)
  • New Fox Head: Rupert Murdoch will step down as CEO of 21st Century Fox.  (CNBC)
  • The dismantling of a retail icon: Eddie Lampert destroys Sears one quarter at a time, as same store sales (aka “comps”) drop 14.5%.  (Fortune)
  • Home-owning 3-headed dog: Hedge fund Cerberus is now among the top ten owners of US homes.  (Bloomberg)
  • Better red than losing money: Private equity nabob David Bonderman plans to attend Putin’s Economic Forum against White House wishes.  (NY Post)
  • It should have gone bankrupt: GM could face wire fraud charges over ignition switch recall (we covered the recall here).  (WSJ)
  • Ma’s gone senile: Alibaba founder Jack Ma, worth over $20 billion, says he was happier making $12 an hour.  (South China Morning Post)
  • Bad Egg: A Costco egg farm is rotten.  (NYT)
  • Vapor is rising:  One in ten vape.  (Time)
  • Bringing a bicycle to a stock car race: Obama to send 450 more troops to Iraq.  (CNN)
  • Cut short: Blade runner/murderer Oscar Pistorius to be released after ten months.  (Santa Fe New Mexican)
  • Who has the new jobs? Interesting reading.  (ZeroHedge)

From the Loony Bin: The Race Gets More Interesting, Etc…

Bill and O'malley

“Martin, you’re starting to look better than my wife.” (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File)

Bud’s Round-Up of Daily Drivel:

  • Democrat Martin O’Malley: Bill Clinton once predicted he’d “go all the way.”  (
  • Big mistake: Airbag defect now the largest auto recall of all time.  (CNN)
  • Under Armour under pressure: Company pulls t-shirt designed in style of iconic Iwo Jima photo.  (Marine Corps Times)
  • Carl Icahn likes Apple: Septuagenarian investor thinks the stock is worth $240.  (USA Today)
  • “I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger”: 91-year-old Sumner Redstone’s 43-year-old “girlfriend” visualizes her payday.  (NY Post)
  • Not Econ 101: LA City Council votes to increase minimum wage to $15.  (Bloomberg)
  • Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire: Hillary Clinton’s non-existent credibility takes hits over Benghazi and her second secret email address.  (PowerLine and Breitbart)
  • Barack Obama and his Syrian red line: The revisionist history starts before his administration even ends.  (PowerLine)
  • Desperately trying to stay relevant: Chris Christie flip-flops on immigration.  (
  • The Sharpton apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: The Rev’s daughter sees her laughable lawsuit start to fall apart.  (Free Beacon)
  • NFL PAT: The point-after just got more difficult.  (Sporting News)

From the Loony Bin: Janet Yellen and Her Big Mouth, Etc…

I tawt I taw...

Federal Reserve’s Janet Yellen: intwest wate.

…I tawt I leaked an intwest wate!

Bud’s round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • Fed Head or Blockhead? Federal Reserve chair Yellen admits that she met with firm that leaked Fed info.  (Reuters)
  • What the Huck? Mike Huckabee is running for president.  (Yahoo)
  • Mother Fracker: Greenlight’s David Einhorn denounces US frackers as money losers at the Sohn Investment Conference.  (Fortune)
  • Lies, damned lies, and statistics: A jaundiced view of this Friday’s jobs report.  (NY Post)
  • Where’s the beef? Investors are not impressed with McDonald’s turnaround plans.  (USA Today)
  • Bill-paying Bill: Hillary Clinton’s husband demonstrates that he probably won’t be much help on the campaign trail.  (Breitbart)
  • Socialism 1, baseball 0: MLB talent scouts are pulling up stakes in Venezuela.  (PowerLine)
  • ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! That’s Spanish for “Have another Margarita.” Here’s why the US celebrates.  (USA Today)

From the Loony Bin: O’s and Sox to Play in Empty Stadium, Etc…

Camden Yards

Wednesday’s Orioles-White Sox contest will be the first game closed to the public in MLB history. (Photo: Kate Drabinski)

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • Twitter tank: Twitter shares drop 18% after leak of disappointing quarterly numbers.  (NBC)
  • 1Q GDP released tomorrow:  Atlanta Federal Reserve’s first quarter estimate now at 0.1%…that’s an annual rate.  (
  • Not a sellout: On Wednesday, the Orioles and White Sox will play in an empty stadium.  (USA Today)
  • Persian Power Play: Iran boards Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship; US sends destroyer to Gulf.  (NYT)
  • Battery boost: Tesla Motors’ stock advances ahead of Thursday’s unveiling of house-powering batteries.  (Bloomberg)
  • F you: Exasperated Texas A&M professor flunks his entire class.  (CNN)
  • The Mom-inator: Balitmore mother caught on video hitting son who rioted.  (CBS)

From the Loony Bin: Handicapped Hillary, Etc…


Rules are for the little people: Truth-handicapped Hillary Clinton, clad in garish pink jacket, stands next to her “Scooby Van,” conveniently parked in a spot for the disabled.


Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • Riddle me this: A brain teaser from Singapore goes viral.  (NYT)
  • Bullish on Netflix: FBR analyst sets $900 price target.  (Barron’s)
  • Three go public: Etsy, Party City, Virtu are off and running.  (IBD)
  • Goggle is Euro-trashed: European Union charges Google with favoring its own businesses in web searches.  (Reuters)
  • Cheaters go public: Valuing itself at $1 billion, adultery site Ashley Madison plans London IPO.  (NBC)
  • “Helicopter” Ben moves on: Former Fed head Bernanke joins hedge fund Citadel.  (Reuters)
  • Citadel cont’d: Trader who lost $1 billion leaves firm.  (Bloomberg)
  • Your government at work: TSA groping is SOP.  (Time)
  • Hillary misremembers (again): All my grandparents were immigrants…one in four, actually.  (CNN)
  • Cuba Libre: Obama removes Fidel from terror list while Cuban-backed FARC kills 10 Columbian soldiers.  (PowerLineBlog)
  • Iran gets protection: Russia prepares to sell air defense-system to Iran.  (Reuters)
  • “Gyrocopter” for sale:  About $20K for one that looks like the White House crash-lander.  (aviomania)

From the Loony Bin: Hillary Clinton’s “Scooby Van,” Etc…

Hurry, journalist, run, run! Hillary’s server might be in the Scooby Van. (Note well: Reporters outnumber voters in the above video.)

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • Yes, it’s tax time: How much does each quintile pay?  (TaxProfBlog)
  • Tough talk from the big man:  Chris Christie proposes higher retirement ages and means-testing for Social Security.  (MarketWatch)
  • Old dog, old tricks: Hillary Clinton’s “Scooby Van” is recycled from her 2000 Senatorial campaign.  (USA Today)
  • At JPMorgan Chase, big brother is watching you.  (NY Post)
  • Powerless? Contemptible “Doonesbury” cartoonist needs a vocabulary lesson for starters.  (NY Post)
  • The future is here: Drone crashes and burns while making asparagus delivery to restaurant.  (Int’l Business Times)
  • Tiger’s tall tale: Woods claims he reset dislocated wrist bone during Masters play.  (

From the Loony Bin: Before the Pantsuit, Etc…


There’s BC, there’s AD, and then there’s BP, that is, “before the pantsuit.”  (Photo:

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel

  • Secret Service strikes again: Secret Service and DEA agents busted in bitcoin scam.  (NY Times)
  • Ben Bernanke blog posting: Why are interest rates so low?  (Brookings Institute)
  • American Mystery Story: Consumers aren’t spending even in a booming job market.  (Bloomberg)
  • One, two…what difference does it make? Hillary Clinton used two devices to send emails while Secretary of State.  (AP)
  • Troubling Twitter trail: Daily Show’s new host is on the hot seat.  (Salon)
  • Toothless Tiger: Tiger Woods drops out of the top 100.  (Yahoo Sports)
  • Phony falconry: NFL fines Atlanta $350K for piping in artificial noise at home games.  (Fox Sports)