From the Loony Bin: All the Way with UVa, Etc…


Canada Bill picks UVa.

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • Your tuition dollars at work: Penn State associate professor of sociology is arrested for bizarre, disorderly conduct aboard Nicaragua-Miami flight.  (Washington Post)
  • Schocking fall from grace: Republican Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois will resign amid questions about his spending.  (Bloomberg)
  • Blame it on the weather: Housing starts fall 17% in February to lowest level in a year.  (Forbes)
  • Enemy within: US Air Force vet charged with trying to support ISIS.  (Reuters)
  • Bibi’s back: Netanyahu reelected.  (AP)
  • WMT breaking bad: Meth lab found in Muncie, Indiana WalMart bathroom.  (NY Daily News)
  • Using his head: 49ers LB Chris Borland, 24, retires over head injury worries.  (FoxSports)

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