White House Leaks President Obama’s Real Bracket


Just a smokescreen: Earlier this week, President Obama discussed his phony bracket with ESPN’s Andy Katz.  (Photo: ABC News)

Don’t be fooled by the NCAA tournament bracket that President Obama proudly unveiled earlier this week. It’s a phony: They aren’t his real predictions. Bud Fox News has acquired a copy of Obama’s real picks, and they make for one hell of an ugly bracket. Obama plays a significant part in the leaked grid, no surprise considering this is the same person who told students at the University of Maryland, “I’ve still got game.”

Obama bracket_4Click to enlarge the President’s picks. After the first round, which is dominated by constitutional challenges, the president drops all pretense and opts for unilateralism, going it alone and playing against himself in most remaining games. Clearly, Obama expects to wipe the court with the Constitution in every part of the country. To his credit, the President gives the 227-year-old document, which is the only thing standing between him and tyranny, one last chance in the finals. But in the end, Obama’s back and front courts are stacked with so many judicial ideologues that the Constitution doesn’t have much of a chance.


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