From the Loony Bin: Before the Pantsuit, Etc…


There’s BC, there’s AD, and then there’s BP, that is, “before the pantsuit.”  (Photo:

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel

  • Secret Service strikes again: Secret Service and DEA agents busted in bitcoin scam.  (NY Times)
  • Ben Bernanke blog posting: Why are interest rates so low?  (Brookings Institute)
  • American Mystery Story: Consumers aren’t spending even in a booming job market.  (Bloomberg)
  • One, two…what difference does it make? Hillary Clinton used two devices to send emails while Secretary of State.  (AP)
  • Troubling Twitter trail: Daily Show’s new host is on the hot seat.  (Salon)
  • Toothless Tiger: Tiger Woods drops out of the top 100.  (Yahoo Sports)
  • Phony falconry: NFL fines Atlanta $350K for piping in artificial noise at home games.  (Fox Sports)

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