From the Loony Bin: Hillary Clinton’s “Scooby Van,” Etc…

Hurry, journalist, run, run! Hillary’s server might be in the Scooby Van. (Note well: Reporters outnumber voters in the above video.)

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • Yes, it’s tax time: How much does each quintile pay?  (TaxProfBlog)
  • Tough talk from the big man:  Chris Christie proposes higher retirement ages and means-testing for Social Security.  (MarketWatch)
  • Old dog, old tricks: Hillary Clinton’s “Scooby Van” is recycled from her 2000 Senatorial campaign.  (USA Today)
  • At JPMorgan Chase, big brother is watching you.  (NY Post)
  • Powerless? Contemptible “Doonesbury” cartoonist needs a vocabulary lesson for starters.  (NY Post)
  • The future is here: Drone crashes and burns while making asparagus delivery to restaurant.  (Int’l Business Times)
  • Tiger’s tall tale: Woods claims he reset dislocated wrist bone during Masters play.  (

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