Leon Cooperman’s Tough-Guy Wall Street Lingo: A Translation


Like Marv from the movie “Wall Street”…


…Leon can really sling the Wall Street bullspit.

Let’s all learn from a real pro.  Leon Cooperman, septuagenerian Chairman of Omega Advisors, could have retired a long time ago.  But there he was last Friday, participating in Altisource Portfolio Solutions’ (ticker ASPS) conference call with investors.  Often, big shots at hedge funds let their analyst-minions mix it up with the little people on such telephonic cluster shows.  Not Leon, which might explain why he hasn’t stepped away and joined the board of the New York Public Library or whatever it is retired billionaires do these days. Stock picking and everything that goes with it are probably this guy’s raisons d’être.  If he tried to retire, my bet is he’d wind up the Bret Favre of the hedge fund world.  Then again, hanging it up would give him more time to shoot his mouth off like he did in 2011 when he likened Obama to Hitler (Neville Chamberlain or Jimmy Carter seems more apt).

Cooperman’s contribution to the Altisource call reveals a speaker of finance lingo at the top of his linguistic game.  This is the stuff of Jordan 1988-89, Mantle 1956, Laver 1969.  So Bud Fox News asked Hugh Sed, Professor of Linguistics and head of the William Clinton Oratorical Center at the Camden State Normal & Industrial School, to analyze Cooperman’s rhetoric.  Below we’ve set forth the relevant quotes from the Altisource transcript and annotated with professor Sed’s comments in brackets (full transcript here):  Continue reading