Source: Cleveland Browns Tricked Manziel into Rehab


Johnny Football thinks he’s checked into rehab for a hamstring injury.  (Photo: Deadspin)

The Cleveland Browns organization has gone public with a reasonable story:  Johnny Manziel, in an uncharacteristic encounter with maturity, raised his hand and volunteered to enter rehab.  The truth might be a little different.  A team source tells Bud Fox News that Manziel was duped into going:

We tricked him, flat out.  He’s so pickled in alcohol right now, we could have told him that we traded him to the Toronto Maple Leafs and he would have believed it.  He had a hamstring injury at the end of the year, so we just told him that in the NFL, unlike college, you do off-season rehab for a hammie at an undisclosed live-in facility.  Then we told him that while he was there, he’d be so loaded up with muscle relaxers that he wouldn’t be able to drink.  He didn’t fight it that much, especially after we mentioned the painkillers.  Of course, they’re gonna be placebos and we’ve got a hot physical therapist visiting him once a day to keep him fooled.    

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