Hillary Clinton’s State Dept Emails Found along with Nixon’s Missing White House Tape


The 18.5 minutes missing from Nixon’s White House tapes have been found…  (Photo: Library of Congress)


…along with Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails. (Photo: inquisitr.com)

For over 40 years, presidential scholars and conspiracy buffs have wondered about the 18.5 minutes missing from Richard Nixon’s White House audiotapes. And for over 2 days, anyone not already exhausted by the never-ending litany of Clintonian scandals has wondered about Hillary Clinton’s missing State Department email account. In an amazing discovery, both have been found by noted presidential scholar Charles Faux-Pas Bidet, Professor of History at Staten Island’s Dyke College and author of Clinton: Statesman or Swinger? Professor Faux-Pas Bidet told Bud Fox News: Continue reading