Bill Gross and Jeffrey Gundlach to Launch Adult Film Production Company

A press release today announced the creation of BJ Films, a new adult film production company co-founded by Bill Gross, who recently pulled out of PIMCO, and Jeff “The Godfather” Gundlach, who runs DoubleLine Capital. The company will release its first movie, Bond-age, next month.

Although the jump to smut seems an odd one for the cerebral, eccentric, card-counting Gross, Gundlach’s thrust in this direction makes a bit more sense if the “stash of porn, sexual devices, and pot-smoking accessories” found back in December 2009 in his office by former employer TCW is any indication. At the time, to his credit, the ostensibly chastened Godfather elegantly described the embarrassing accoutrement as vestiges of closed chapters” in his life.

Porn industry insiders believe that Gross may have tipped his hand about the plot of Bond-age when, in his bizarre remarks at the June 19th Morningstar Investor Conference, he confessed that he’d like to hypnotize the financial press into thinking he’s a wonderful guy:

“…but I’d invite you to Newport Beach, California, for a round of Texas Hold ‘Em. And we’ll flop the cards and hopefully there’ll be a pair of red queens on the flop just like there was with “The Manchurian Candidate,” and I’ll say to the reporters, “Now repeat after me, ‘Bill Gross is the kindest, bravest, warmest most wonderful human being you’ve ever met in your life.'”

When asked to comment, Tony Lovett, publisher of Adult Video News Magazine, said: “First let me say I’m never playing cards with that guy. But yes, we believe that Bill was giving porn fans a hint about the Bond-age plot. We think it’ll be like Manchurian Candidate with some sort of sick twist, after all, Gundlach is involved.”

Lovett may be right about Gundlach if the big man has retained any of the panache evident in the old photo below:


Gundlach, third from left, channels Duran Duran in an old photo.

Although lovers of video nasties everywhere are excited for the high end production values that deep-pocketed BJ Films will no doubt bring to its finished products, they are terrified by what Gross said at the beginning of his prepared remarks at the Morningstar Conference. In light of BJ Films press release, his intro has a downright ghoulish implication:

“When you’re 70-years old, you need things. I put these [sunglasses] on and I thought, that’s a pretty cool-looking dude. I need at least one moment to see myself on the big screen.”

Say it ain’t so, Bill.


Note:  Sir Jams made significant contributions to this article.  -Canada Bill


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