Al Sharpton Tapped as New IRS Commissioner

Despite his occasional struggles with the English language (see video above), the Reverend Sharpton’s message to anyone planning on cutting corners with his or her Form 1040 will be quite clear: Pay up because I know all your dirty tricks!

In a magnificent move that nicely concludes yet another glorious tax season for the rapacious federal government, the Obama administration has tapped tax deadbeat, race hustler, and frequent White House visitor Al Sharpton as new IRS Commissioner, replacing John Koskinen, who was certainly one of the smuggest and most obnoxious federal bureaucrats in recent memory. Perched in fat-cat fashion, despite his trimmer frame of recent years, at the money-making intersection of race and religion, Sharpton will burnish the street-smart credentials of the Obama administration, typically home to incompetent, looks-good-on-paper types like Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano, whom the Rev could outfox blindfolded.

Asked for comment on the appointment, DeFred Goo Folts, Professor of Public Policy at the Newark (Delaware) State Normal School of Liberal Arts, Director of the Nixonian Institute for Governmental Ethics, and author of the superb, Pulitzer-nominated Sharpton bio The Reverend and the God Almighty…Dollar, told Bud Fox News: Continue reading


Revealed: The Real Reason for New Fence at NYC Mayor’s Mansion

Gracie Mansion fence

The reason for this eyesore of a fence at the mayor’s house? (Photo:

Sharpton de Blasio 2

So you can’t see that Al Sharpton has taken over the place! (Photo:

New York City Mayor Bill “Sandinista!” de Blasio just completed a baffling bit of home improvement to the mayor’s official residence.  According to the New York Post:

Mayor Bill de Blasio, a self-declared progressive “man of the people,” has erected a massive new “privacy fence” to keep his constituents from looking in on Gracie Mansion.  

There are at least two competing theories for why the mayor put up the fence.  According to the same Post article, there’s speculation that de Blasio “…demanded the extension because he was sick of nosy people in Carl Schurz Park peeping in while he hung out in the yard.”  The New York Daily News, however, suggests that the mayor’s security chief lobbied for the new addition “in the wake of White House fence jumpers.”  That the Daily News was actually willing to print such an explanation suggests that the newspaper is actually the marketing arm of the de Blasio administration. Continue reading