From the Loony Bin: Comcast Customer Disservice, Etc…


Customer “Asshole Brown” will probably be taking his business elsewhere…

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • Customer disservice:  Comcast changes customer account name to “Asshole Brown.”  (The Hill)
  • Goose egg growth:  Many so-called experts expect no 1Q earnings growth for companies in S&P 500.  (CNBC)
  • Insider trading is getting easier:  Manhattan Attorney General drops five cases.  (Reuters)
  • GDP growth slows in 4Q.  (Investor’s Business Daily)
  • I’m not paying the bill:  Obama proposes 7% spending increases.  (USA Today)
  • NFL fines Lynch for crotch-grabbing but is happy to make money from the the photo.  (
  • George Will on Bud Selig:  The revisionist history is already starting for the man who almost ruined baseball.  (Washington Post)
  • Canada Bill Jones picks the Deflators over the Crotch-grabbers, Williams over the moaning, groaning, orgasmic Sharapova, and the Cavs over the Blue Devils.  (Canada Bill Jones)
  • Jack Nicklaus looks untouchable:  Tiger Woods shoots 82.  (ESPN)
  • That’s an understatement:  Crazy Joe Biden speaks, admits decisions “hard to explain.”  (CBS)



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