GQ Magazine Says: It’s Slim Fit Hammertime!


Slim fit Hammertime!

In a recommendation that Bud Fox News hopes men everywhere will ignore, GQ Magazine, in its November issue, encourages readers to embrace their inner genies:

Until recently, you had exactly two options with your cuffs: You rolled ’em up or you rolled ’em down. But in 2014, all the menswear hypebeasts started wearing sweatpants with tapered elastic bottoms that became a newfangled fashion statement. Now designers are stitching those same cuffs onto chinos and cargos and even suit trousers. The result: A quirky detail that gives even conservative khakis a little street-style edge.

Thusnelda Neusbickle, Professor of Fashion Merchandising at Cossatot Technical College, hopes the look doesn’t catch on:

What are these things?  It looks like someone stuck his legs through the armholes of a varsity jacket.  Look, it’s one thing to bring back Docksiders and popped collars, but I was hoping harem pants were going to stay dead.  Putting a slim fit on a bad idea is still a bad idea.  Is this for the guy who used to play dress up when he watched I Dream of Jeannie?  And harem cargo pants?  C’mon, two wrongs don’t make a right.    

Outside Macy’s flagship NYC location, Bud Fox News reporter Silence Bellows talked with shoppers about GQ’s fashion tip.  Looking for a woman’s perspective, she spoke with Rosie Butt, 26, of Queens, who, when not chewing on her gum, had this to say:

“Oh, my boyfriend would totally rock that look.  They’re totally swag.”

She then turned on her high-heeled Timberland boots and was gone.

Varsity jacket

If you dream of GQ’s genie pants, don’t pay retail, just tear the sleeves off this jacket.


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