Additional Jay Cutler Text Message Leaked


In a state of parental panic, Cutler sent his wife an anxious text.  She responded sympathetically.

Jay Cutler

Cutler displays his typical, affable expression. (Photo: Dennis Wierzbicki/US Presswire) 

As reported this week just about everywhere, Jay Cutler’s wife, former reality-TV star Kristin Cavallari, had some fun at his expense by posting an Instagram photo of a text message from a frantic Cutler, who was apparently home alone with their two children and in need of spousal support.  Bud Fox News has learned that a least one additional Cutler text has leaked, this one to quarterback Mark Sanchez, who started the Philadelphia Eagles final eight games in place of injured first-stringer Nick Foles but is now a free agent.  Here is the wording of the message:

Mark, need u in Chi asap
All hell has broken loose
I threw too many picks
am overpaid
and I hate these people
I want to leave

Cutler threw 18 picks this year, which tied him with San Diego’s Phil Rivers for most in the league.  Sanchez has thrown 80 in 5 seasons (he did not play in 2013 because of an injury caused by a feebleminded Rex Ryan coaching decision).  In a groan-inducing comment about Cutler’s text to Sanchez, Silence Bellows, who covered this story for Bud Fox News, observed:

Considering the two quarterbacks involved, it was no surprise that the text got intercepted. 


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