NYC Area News Programs May Eliminate Weather Segment After Pathetic Storm Juno Performance

Lee Goldberg

WABC-TV’s Lee Goldberg: Was Winter Storm Juno his last blown call?

A source who works on a local New York City television news desk for one of the big four networks has told Bud Fox News that several local NYC TV stations are considering scrapping the weather portion of their news broadcasts in the wake of the erroneous and abominable Winter Storm Juno forecasts.  Doing away with the weather report would save on production costs and free up time.  Said the source:

This is pretty much a fait accompli.  I know of one station that already has a replacement segment in the works.  They’ll be running a daily Bruce Jenner gender meter.  They expect viewership to go through the roof.

Apparently the stereotypical good-natured weatherman has worn out his welcome.  The source continued:

I say good riddance.  They’re a huge potential liability.  They’re never on the desk.  They take whatever excuse they can to get in front of the camera in high wind.  It’s a miracle no one’s been killed yet.  And the constant trips to the beach to do reports on tidal activity.  It’s nothing but a boondoggle.  Their T&E expenses are through the roof.  

The Juno forecast was the final straw.  It was embarrassing.  They shut the subways for the first time in the history of the system based on those forecasts.  You can get the same inaccurate prediction on your smartphone without the corny jokes or the weatherman crapping in his pants.    

Not all of the local channels will entirely jettison the weather.  One news desk plans to allow a different randomly drawn viewer to do his or her original weather forecast each day.  Said the source, “They can’t do any worse than the supposed pros did on Juno.


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