From the Loony Bin: Brian Williams to Embark on Fabulist Vacation, Etc…

brian-williams  A

Brian Williams: Daydreaming of a fabulist vacation?

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • The Big Apple:  Apple first US company to manage $700 billion market cap, 2x Google, 8x McDonald’s, 12x GM.  (WSJ)
  • Goldman Sachs CEO to banks:  Stop whining about regulations.  (NY Post)
  • Be careful while looking for love:  More than 60% of dating apps vulnerable to hacking.  (Intl Business Times)
  • What a twit:  Twitter CFO’s account hacked.  (
  • Who believed him anyway?  Obama never opposed gay marriage.  (Time)
  • Coincidence?  Brian Williams suspended; Jon Stewart to leave Daily Show.  (NY Times and USA Today)
  • Not for the little people:  Tickets to today’s Jeb Bush fundraiser are $100K each.  (Politico)
  • Holocaust chic:  In a typically moronic move, Urban Outfitters sells tapestry that looks like a Holocaust uniform.  (Yahoo)
  • Put that trophy down:  Little League Baseball strips Chicago team of US championship.  (ESPN)
  • Obituary:  Hall of Fame coach Jerry Tarkanian, 84, dies. (ESPN)
  • Good thing he clarified:  Ohio State qb Cardale Jones offers more details on crushing hospital kids in video games.  (Deadspin)
  • Shoe trade:  Man pawns 283 pairs of Nike Air Jordans to buy apartment.  (CNN)
  • American ISIS captive Kayla Jean Mueller is dead.  (NBC)

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