From the Loony Bin: Hillary Off the Grid, Etc…


Hillary checking her email for Clinton Foundation donations from foreign dictators. (Photo: The Smoking Gun)

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • Apple outsmarts Samsung: Sells more smartphones in 4Q, 74.8mm vs. 73mm.  (
  • The rules are for little people: Romanian hacker reveals Hillary used private email while Secretary of State.  (The Smoking Gun)
  • Hillary’s excuse? Dogs don’t remember yesterday.  (Psychology Today)
  • Supreme court case: Highest US court to hear its 2nd Obamacare case.  (NBC)
  • So much for the 2014 election: House of Reps to vote on clean Homeland Security funding bill.  (Wash Post)
  • Bibi in the House: From the US House floor, Israeli PM warns against Iranian nuclear deal.  (Reuters)
  • The B-list: Forbes’ 2015 billionaires list.  (Forbes)
  • Backing away from Tiger: Golfer recants claim that Woods is serving drug suspension.  (USA Today)

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