GQ Says: Pinkie Rings for Everyone?!


GQ says: Don’t be a mook, get a pinkie ring.

Yes, that’s right.  To the bewilderment of the Bud Fox News’ editorial board, GQ Magazine, in its November issue (yes, the same edition that’s pushing harem pants), asks men to reconsider the signet, or pinkie, ring:

Chances are your dad’s dad’s dad had a signet ring with his initials or family crest on it. He may have even dipped his in wax and stamped his mail with it—that’s what the flat top was for. Then the signet ring became a mafioso staple. Now, finally, it’s got a sense of humor. Like all the other men’s jewelry that’s come back in style, the new signets are masculine but self-aware—less likely to sport your monogram, more likely to drop an F-bomb. Find one that fits your personality and do your best to refrain from asking folks to kiss the ring.

Zoda Viola Gazola, Professor of Fashion Design at The Girls’ Technical Institute and College for Women, was unimpressed:

“An F-bomb inscription?  Well, now, that’s elegant.  You know, this rag of a magazine comes out monthly, so now the name is officially completely wrong.  It’s not a quarterly.  And it’s clearly not for gentlemen.” Continue reading