Pitt Kicker Misses Game-Winner, Becomes Fugitive

Field goal no good

Blewitt missed the kick and now’s he’s Fugitive.

With two seconds left in regulation, Chris Blewitt missed a 26-yard field-goal attempt that would have given host University of Pittsburgh a victory over No. 24 Duke this past Saturday.   After Duke went on to score two touchdowns in overtime to escape with a 51-48 win, Blewitt knew there was a bullet on his back.  So what did he do?  He told Bud Fox News:

“The fans got pretty ornery fast.  I was scared.  Look, I know I blew it.  I mean Chris blew it.  I mean Chris Blewitt blew it.  I’m not him anymore.  That night, I checked into the Red Roof Inn under the name Ima Fugitive.  I got out of town on Sunday morning.  We’ve got a bye next weekend, but I don’t even think that’s enough time for things to cool down.” 

When asked what he’ll do for a kicker in Blewitt/Fugitive’s absence, Pitt head coach Paul Chryst told Bud Fox News:

“In the name of Jesus Chryst my brother, I don’t need this drama.  We have a back-up kicker ready to go.  He’s a walk-on from Altoona.  His name is Tom Tewlough.”

For his sake, let’s hope he doesn’t live up to his name.


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