Columbia University Law School Students Can Delay Finals If Traumatized by Recent Grand Jury Verdicts?!

Better Call Saul

At Columbia, lefty lawyers-in-training are really learning their craft.

According to the website, Robert Scott, the interim dean of Columbia University’s Law School, sent a message to students informing them that those sufficiently traumatized by the grand jury verdicts in the Michael Brown (aka Ferguson) and Eric Garner (Staten Island “chokehold”) cases could petition the law school to postpone their final exams.  Here’s the key passage of Scott’s supposed message:

The law school has a policy and set of procedures for students who experience trauma during exam period. In accordance with these procedures and policy, students who feel that their performance on examinations will be sufficiently impaired due to the effects of these recent events may petition Dean Alice Rigas to have an examination rescheduled.

Oh, c’mon, let’s not discriminate against students who might be traumatized by other recent events; such an oversight would be unfair.  Take, for example, law school students who are fans of Charles Manson.  If they didn’t get an invitation to his upcoming wedding, they must be emotionally devastated.  Can they apply for an exam delay?  Heck, during the Christmas season, sorry- I meant holiday season, what with dysfunctional family dinners and the like, most Columbia law students are probably distraught about something.  The most mature course of action is for the administration to cancel exams and give students randomly assigned grades using some sort of “disparate impact” racial quota system blessed by a special-interest-group-obsessed psychologist.

I guess a few explanations are possible for this ridiculous announcement.  Columbia’s law school faculty is probably full of loony leftists that want to clear students’ schedules to make it as easy as possible for them to join Al Sharpton’s band of merry protesters.  Regardless of why the faculty is making this laughable obeisance to political correctness, the law school is certainly teaching a lesson to its students, to wit, if you’re a hustler of the identity politics ilk and play it right, some people will let you get away with almost anything (and delaying finals is just a start).


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