From the Loony Bin: Who said it? Belichick or Nixon? “Nobody is a friend of ours. Let’s face it.”


The New England Dirty Tricks Committee doesn’t have much to say…     (Photo: David L. Ryan/Boston Globe)


…but Crazy Uncle Joe does:  “I like a softer ball.  That’s all I can tell you.”

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • VP Joe Biden tells CBS, “Having been a receiver, I like a softer ball.”  (
  • Amazon (ticker AMZN) scraps its crappy diapers.  (Yahoo)
  • QE for ECB:  European Central Bank opts for €1.1 trillion of quantitative easing. (Sky News)
  • PointState:  Despite dumb name, hedge fund makes $1 billion on smart oil bet.  (Huffington Post)
  • Canarsie Capital is “truly sorry” for having lost all of your money.  (CNBC)
  • Finally!  NY State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver arrested on corruption charges.  (Newsday)
  • C’mon, it’s just flaxseed oil:  A-Rod turns to Barry Bonds for off-season help.  (NY Post)

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