From the Loony Bin: Comcast Strikes Again, Etc…


Did Comcast fondly rename a customer “Super B—– Bauer”?

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • New identity:  Comcast customer disservice may have given her a name change.  (CNN)
  • The other side speaks:  FCC Commissioner blasts FCC Chairman’s net neutrality proposal.  (Daily Caller)
  • I have (and am) a pain in the arse:  Saying, “My glutes are shutting off,” Tiger Woods withdraws from Farmers Insurance Open.  (
  • The Lockjaw speaks:  Tom Brokaw wants Brian Williams canned.  (NY Post)
  • The high horse is no doubt reserved for the President:  Spouting moral equivalencies at a breakneck pace, Obama gives the worst speech of his presidency.  (
  • Jobs “surprise to the upside”:  Employers add 257K positions in January, while December and November figures are revised upward.  (USA Today)
  • Pulling the plug:  Radio Shack goes belly up.  (Fortune)

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