“Open Kimono”: Financial Expression of the Day

When you really need to know: "Open the Kimono"

When you really need to know: “Open the Kimono” (photo: barbwire.com)


“Open Kimono” or “Open the Kimono”, verb phrase, to reveal tightly held information.

Usage Note: This sultry expression is one of the few financial phrases that is not over-used to the point of absurdity. It therefore carries a slight element of surprise when the big-time operator slings this verbalism from his word kit. The business and finance lot are often searching for an angle of advantage or edge (or just trying to not get screwed over) when it comes to their business dealings and transactions. Likewise, investors diligencing a potential opportunity desire deeply to know what the seller knows about the asset for sale. When dealing with counterparties in these settings, there are approved customs and norms that have been created so as to satisfy the “need to know”.

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