Federal Dietary Panel: We Have No Idea What Foods Are Good for You

Doughnut burger

This doughnut burger might extend your life. (Photo: David Kover/aht.seriouseats.com)

Dr. Zoltan Ovary is a member of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which meets every five years to produce the Scientific Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Tallying a nonsensical 571 pages (the word Mediterranean appears 196 times), the 2015 version was published last week and will be used as a reference by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture, which publish Dietary Guidelines for Americans every five years. When Dr. Ovary agreed to be interviewed by Bud Fox News‘ Silence Bellows, he suggested they meet at a rather strange place. When he sensed her skepticism, he explained to her:

“I don’t mean any funny business. McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant. And for all we know at the committee, their food is good for you!”

So the two had lunch at a fast-food restaurant that for years has drawn the ire of public health officials and nanny-staters everywhere. For the record, the strapping Dr. Ovary, who looked like a collegiate running back despite his 40 years, had a Bacon Clubhouse Burger, small fries, and a small Coke, topping it off with a McFlurry with M&Ms, a perfectly reasonable meal that, according to McDonald’s handy Meal Builder calculator, delivered the following: Continue reading