Pusillanimous Harvard Prof. Picks Fight with Immigrant Mom and Pop Business

Edelman: Professor of the Internet batting down pop-ups

Edelman: Professor of the Internet batting down pop-ups between tirades on Small Biz

Yesterday, Boston.com broke an important story in the ongoing saga of American class warfare, found here.  In a disheartening show of douche -baggery, Harvard Professor Ben “I’m a Twit” Edelman decided he should use all his “high learning” to deliver a course in “Ben-Ed”; that is, teach a simple bar manager, Ran Duan (whose immigrant parents founded Sichuan Garden Chinese Restaurant in Boston) a big lesson in false advertising.

The short story is this:  Edelman ordered what he thought was about 53 bucks of food but to his utter shock, found he paid something like $57 upon examining the receipt.  The culprit: out-of-date menu prices on the website.  The pedantic and punctilious Edelman (some kind of Professor of the Internet, according to his bio) then engaged in a testy back and forth via e-mail with Messr. Duan wherein he demanded 3x damages ($12) for the inconvenience. Continue reading