“Nit”: Financial Expression of the Day

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When your boss says, “I’ve just got a few nits,” get ready for an all-nighter.

Nit, noun, a supposedly small mistake that is highlighted for correction.  Usage note: Merriam-Webster kindly points out that Brits use this word as an abbreviated form of “nitwit,” which, in turn, is a good name for anyone who’d use today’s FEotD with a straight face.  There are a couple of ways that a more senior banker can alert his financial serf that he has editorial changes to a deck (the boring banker will choose “deck” instead of “presentation” because the former provides a thrill up his leg, à la Chris Matthews, as he imagines himself possibly cutting the deck while fitting right in at a celebrity poker tournament with Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, and Shannon Elizabeth, instead of proofreading a deck that no one will ever read).  With a breezy inflection in his voice that belies the nature of the soul-sapping work he’s about to assign, he might phone his lackey and say, “Could you swing by my office?  I’ve got a couple of nits.”  The summons to his office is the banker’s preferred course of action because having usually worked his way up from the associate level cube-farm, he views his office as his hard earned sanctuary (complete with Lucite deal toys adorning the window sill), so he spends a strange amount of his time devising creative ways to make people come to him.

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