Obama Appoints White House Chef with No Kitchen Experience

White House chef

Obama White House: No experience necessary?

In a move that has critics questioning his judgment, President Obama announced this afternoon that he has selected a woman with no kitchen experience whatsoever as the next White House executive chef.  The president’s pick, Bambina Broccoli, 34, is a resident of Pennington, New Jersey, where she works as a real estate agent.  Bud Fox News tracked down Ms Broccoli at Weidel Realtors, where she summed up her reaction to the news:  “I’m shocked.  I didn’t even realize that I was under consideration.  To be honest, I’m not much of a cook.  I don’t think I’ve turned on my oven in the last six months.”  When asked whether she was worried about not being qualified, Ms Broccoli said, “I guess a little bit.  Do you think the president made some sort of mistake because of my last name?”

Ms Broccoli’s utter lack of experience would have been more surprising had the President not made a similar personnel appointment early this morning when he tapped Ron Klain to be his “Ebola Czar.”  Klain, 53, is a Washington attorney and former chief of staff for Vice Presidents Biden and Gore.  Said Orville Bumpus, Professor of Government at Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute:

“It’s pretty clear that the President is not taking the Ebola issue seriously, so the choice of Klain is no surprise.  Klain’s only medical experience is his annual check-up.  He’s an inside-the-beltway attorney.  But a lot of people thought that the President would really try to send a message with his executive chef pick, that he would be telling people that he was a serious person and that he was in charge.  I’m not sure this pick sends that message.”

Said Ms Broccoli before running off to show a newly married couple a four bedroom Dutch Colonial with a nice yard, “You never know, I might be running the White House by the end of next year.”


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