Lowe’s Robot Sends Customer to Wal-Mart

Lowe's robot

Lowe’s robot: “It’s cheaper at Wal-Mart.”

The new robotic shopping assistants, called OSHbots, that were introduced this week ahead of schedule at Lowe’s (ticker LOW) Orchard Supply Hardware store in San Jose, CA, really do seem to be customer-friendly.  Zilpher Spittle, who was shopping at the store yesterday, told Bud Fox News:

“That’s one helpful robot.  When I told it what showerhead I was looking for, it did a quick internet search and figured out that it was way cheaper at Wal-Mart [ticker WMT].  So it told me that I should go to there.  It walked me back to my car and printed out directions to the Wal-Mart about ten minutes away.  I saved $25 dollars.” Continue reading