From the Loony Bin: Internet Drug Dealers Go Legit, Etc.

chart bitcoin 1.28.15

Internet drug dealers rejoice! Coinbase opens first Bitcoin exchange in US.


Models are dumb: Late Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service was still calling for 20 to 30 inches of snow in NYC.  The actual high was 12.1 inches in Queens.

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • McDonald’s CEO calls it quits.  (Wall Street Journal)
  • The Fed speaks.  (Reuters)
  • The ongoing saga of GAAP vs non-GAAP:  Facebook’s GAAP earnings are “unched.”  (
  • Go Greek:  Econ Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller says it’s time to invest in Greece.  (
  • In Saudi Arabia, the First Lady forgoes headscarf.  (Telegraph)
  • “I” got it:  Obama’s gives 33-minute speech and refers to himself 118 times.  (Investor’s Business Daily)
  • Last quarter, Apple sold 34,000 iPhones per hour.  (NY Post)
  • The Peter Principle at work (or “Those Who Can’t Do, Teach”):  New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon named chairman of MLB’s finance committee.  (NY Times)
  • Unused boxing gloves for sale:  From Ali-Liston “Phantom Punch” bout.  (SFGate)
  • Photographer sues Nike over iconic Jordan “Jumpman” photo.  (NY Times)
  • You might be too late to buy that giant fake rock:  Skymall files for Chapter 11.  (LA Times)

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