From the Loony Bin: 295K More Jobs in February, Etc…


Mark Twain’s got nothing on Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim: Don’t let schooling interfere with your basketball. (Photo: AP,

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • Here we go again: Treasury Secretary Lew says US to hit debt limit on March 16.  (NBC)
  • Apple juices Dow: iPhone maker replaces AT&T in Dow Jones Industrial Average.  (USA Today)
  • Jobs report surprises to “upside”: US non-farm payrolls rise 295K in February; unemployment rate falls to 5.5%.  (Reuters)
  • The age-old question: Up 3 with time running out, do you foul?  (Deadspin)
  • Syracuse Orange gets bruised: NCAA suspends basketball coach for 9 games, cuts 12 scholarships, vacates 108 wins.  (ESPN)
  • Not again: Harrison Ford makes his 2nd crash landing.  (NBC)

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