Porn Star Ron Jeremy Tapped to Head American Apparel

Ron Jeremy_1

Jeremy: “I’m here to help.”

American Apparel (ticker APP) today announced that porn star Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy, patron saint of raincoaters everywhere, will replace interim CEO (and turnaround expert) Scott Brubaker.  Tracked down on the set of his latest film, Clown Porn: The Parody II, Jeremy told Bud Fox News, “I’m excited about this opportunity.  As Allan knows, I really want to stick it to the competition, and if possible, also do an IR DP on them.”  Jeremy added that he likes his chances to accomplish the latter, which, the Hedgehog clarified, is an obscure, racially-integrative maneuver probably known to some victims of ex-CEO Dov Charney’s touchy-feely managerial style. Continue reading