Tom Watson Sucker-Punches Nice Old Lady

Tom Watson faces assault charges after he allegedly knocked a 73 year-old woman unconscious.

Having beaten a hasty retreat from the Ryder Cup imbroglio back to his tranquil hometown of Stilwell, Kansas, Tom “Captain Queeg” Watson, 65, allegedly struck Kitty Peed, 73, his partner in a local charity badminton tournament that was held yesterday in a church parking lot. Eyewitnesses claim that the hyper-competitive Watson was infuriated because he and Peed had been routed in four consecutive games. After the fourth loss, a sloppy 21-7 drubbing, Watson allegedly screamed at her: “You stink at foursomes which, in a macabre twist, is exactly what he told the US Ryder Cup team on Saturday, September 27, after a disappointing day for the team, which he captained. When Peed meekly replied that she was trying her best, Watson apparently flew into a rage and struck the septuagenarian with a wicked right hook, knocking the woman unconscious. Peed was rushed to the hospital, where she remains. She is being treated for a broken jaw and a concussion. Watson was arrested on the scene. Continue reading