“More Accessible to the Reader”:  Financial Expression of the Day


Will it confuse the client? Then make it more accessible to the reader.

More accessible to the reader,” adjective phrase, capable of being understood; comprehensible.  Usage note:  After an analyst or associate has taken a first crack at a presentation to a client, a vice president will usually sit down with the minion and review a printed copy of the document.  It should be noted that a typical VP, in particular if he’s achieved that title by surviving a stint as an associate, considers himself a genius, god’s gift to corporate finance.

And because he knows he is so brilliant, he naturally concludes that his work must involve very complicated concepts that have to be dumbed down when introduced to lesser mortals.  (The delusional VP, fully invested in the investment banking lifestyle, reassures himself that it’s the sophisticated and rewarding nature of the work, not the false deadlines and redundant efforts, that requires such long hours.)  So when he looks at the associate’s output, ie, pages of numbers and calculations clearly far too arcane for any client to understand, he blithely says, “We’ll need to make these pages more accessible to the reader.”  What he means is:  “Dumb this down for our idiotic client with colored pie charts and graphs that manipulate the data in ways that make our proposals look deceptively good.”


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