From the Loony Bin: Joe “The Handyman” Biden, Etc…


Biden: Have you seen the size of my Obamacare voucher?  (Photo: Evan Vucci/AP)

Bud’s Round-up of Daily Drivel:

  • The Handyman strikes again:  Bawdy Joe Biden is up to his usual tricks.  (NPR)
  • Reservations at the Federal Reserve:  Policymakers hesitant to raise rates.  (Reuters)
  • Not Fade Away:  Snapchat seeking $19 billion valuation in current financing round.  (Bloomberg)
  • Not so fast:  Texas federal judge issues temporary stay blocking Obama’s executive order on immigration.  (Washington Post)
  • The pen is mightier than the bat:  Alex Rodriguez writes letter to fans.  (Deadspin)
  • We can survive without them:  Federal offices in DC get a snow day.  (
  • The President’s Silly Summit:  Obama’s “Countering Violent Extremism” sit-in doesn’t look promising.  (Bloomberg)
  • The Regal Beagle:  “15-inch” version of the breed is top dog.  (NY Times)
  • Vlad the Thief:  Russia’s former largest foreign investor says Putin could be worth $200 billion.  (CNN)



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