Ghost of James Buchanan Thanks President Obama, Then Breathes Sigh of Relief


President James Buchanan:  No longer the cellar dweller?

Dr. Laird Spectre of the Paranormal Institute has determined that the ghost of James Buchanan has breathed a sigh of relief.  Spectre claims that he has incontrovertible proof of an encounter with the former President.  Dr. Spectre told Bud Fox News:  “It was an extraordinary meeting.  Mr. Buchanan’s ghost told me that he had been relieved of a great weight.  You see, most ghosts appear among us because, well, in practical terms, they have some sort of unfinished business or regret.  I asked what had happened to finally bring him peace.  He said he couldn’t rest as long as he was known as the worst president in United States history.  But he said that after 153 long and tortured years, he can finally sleep.  When he saw the opening skit on Saturday Night Live last weekend, he knew he was in the clear.  He asked me to thank President Obama.” Continue reading